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Basically what we're going to do is dance

Is my makeup too dark??

kami Gold
Is My Make-up Too Dark?
"Kami Gold. Girl. Lover. Sister. Friend. Fan-girl. Child. Sinner. Saint. Straight. Slut/Whore. Close minded. Sexy. Adored. Lovable. Obsessed. Weird. Crazy. Freaky. Complicated. Misunderstood. Unappreciated. Diabolical. Evil. Sinister. Wild. Party Girl. Depressed. Anxious. Human.

I love my self too much to care about other people. I have suffered through heartbreak, leaving me a shattered mess. I get depressed at times, not knowing what do or which way to go. I wallow in my own self pity and it feels great. I loved to be alone, away from the shattered, dark, cold world. It scares me and I hate it so much. This journal is mostly private. My thoughts are dark.

One Tree Hill. Gossip Girl. 90210. High School Musical. Selena Gomez. Demi Lovato. The Jonas Brothers. Vanessa Hudgens.